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What to wear when it's too hot; Summer style made simple

Now that summer is in full swing some of us may be feeling the heat too much, the sun always seems like such a good thing on holiday but during the rest of the time it can make getting dressed a difficult task so we've gathered some of our best tips on how to dress on those hot summer days and look fresh.


  1. Read your label; look for natural fabrics like cotton or linen, they tend to 'breathe' more. Avoid synthetics, they don’t 'breathe' so it would be like wearing a plastic bag. Don’t forget to check the lining fabric as well.

 cotton capri pants and cotton print blouses by cole hands

  1. Opt for woven. Unlike knit the woven fabrics tend to stay away from the body and have less of the clingy effect. Plus they look smarter so you can look like you're actually comfortable. So think blouses.

 cowl neck blouse by cole hands. photo by Noa Zeni


  1. Go for a dress; an easy [and breezy] grab-and-go piece which doesn't require matching with trousers. If you don’t feel comfortable with a dress go for a jumpsuit.

 sleeveless cupro dress by cole hands. photo by Aya Wind

  1. Skirt instead of trousers. Just pair with a blouse or simple tee for a more casual look. 

 skirts by cole hands. photo by Aya Wind


  1. Accessorize lightly. A simple piece of jewelry can totally transform any look into something more special. Go for minimal jewelry like stud earring rather than a statement necklace that will feel too heavy in the heat. 

 odd pair necklace by the forma. photo by Aya Wind

  1. Prepare for AC; a light weight scarf or thin cardigans are ideal to take away that chill. 

 summer scarf by Lee Coren. photo by Aya Wind

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