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what is a capsule wardrobe?

We all do it – stand in front of our wardrobes in the morning thinking the same thought "I don’t have anything to wear" and "I could wear that top, but then I don’t have anything to wear with it"… every morning is spent wasting time and feeling frustrated – not a good start to the day.

Eventually you decide to sneak your favorite dress out the wash [you only were it for a night out anyway] or you wear something clean but avoid your reflection for the rest of the day.

With our life styles getting busier and schedule more hectic we're spending longer on making decisions and less time on the things that really matter.


So it isn't surprising that the capsule wardrobe concept has come about over the last few years, taking inspiration from the minimalist lifestyle as a reaction to our busy lifestyle.

So what is a capsule wardrobe? In short, it's a limited collection made up of your favorite & most flattering  pieces  which can all be mix n matched to make a coherent wardrobe, a sort 'easy wear' uniform that provides fuss free mornings with extra time to lay in bed, quietly drink coffee or exercise before the day starts.



Here is the short guide on How to build a capsule wardrobe

Pick a number of items you feel comfortable with for your wardrobe [24,37, 28..] – this is the number of items you will end up with when you finish. Now spread all of your clothes out and answer these questions;

  1. When did I last wear it?

If you haven't worn it in the last couple of seasons you're not going to wear it in the next couple either. Give it to someone who will make good use of it. Can't bring yourself to be that ruthless? Put it in a pile and go back to it after a season.

  1. Does this work with three other items in my wardrobe?
  1. Is it me? Does it fit today? Are you really going to wear it?
  1. Is this in my color chart?

We all have a color palette that we feel comfortable with and that flatters our coloring, stick to it. Building a wardrobe around a limited palette will actually give you more outfit options [color can be added later with accessories].

  1. Plan!

After you have made space [in your head and literally in your wardrobe] think about the different events you attend [work, coffee with friends, meetings..] and what you would wear. Are you missing anything? If so, plan what it is that you need and make sure it ticks all the boxes. If you plan your meals for the week you can avoid going to the supermarket more than once, the same applies to your wardrobe; if you plan it, you won't need to spend your precious time shopping.


Building a capsule wardrobe is a process of finding your own style in which you feel relaxed & confident. Finding your 'uniform' takes time but the result is more time, money & energy for you to spend on what you love.


This approach of de-cluttering or simplifying can be applied to anything in your home helping you make space, time and money for the things you really love.

How would you spend your newly found time?