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How to [casually] wear a skirt

The best tip I ever had about how to wear a skirt was from my younger sister, "think of your skirt as trousers" [or pants, depends where you are in the world]. Yep, it's that easy.

A skirt doesn't have to mean dressing up or formal office wear, it's a fun, easy piece – a type of versatile dress and it can work all year round – just add a pair of tights and throw on a jacket.

So, think of your skirt as pants; tuck your top in or leave it out, wear with sneakers or sandals.

 We've collected some of our favorite casual skirt outfits to inspire you, check out this pinterest board for more casual outfit inspiration.

Top tucked in>>>

 image found here


Wear with a loose fit tee >>>

image found here


Prefer  pattern to plain? >>>

skirts by cole hands, found here


Transition into colder weather>>>

image found here


Bonus! checkout eleanorsnyc tips on riding a bicycle in a skirt

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How do you wear your skirt?