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Hands on series: Elisheva from Loop Design studio

This week on our Hands On mini series we're with Elisheva from Loop Design Studio, a brand which offers modern & classic home accessories.  


  • How would you describe your work?

    I design and make minimal and modern home ware, inspired by nature and everyday life.

    • What's the best part about working with your hands?

    I love working with my hands! The pride I feel when an abstract idea takes form and shape and evolves into a product that is later used by people around the world - it's the most satisfying feeling in the world.

Elisheva from LoopDesignStudio


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What do you like about working with your hands?


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The inspiration for this mini series started while working on making our fingerless gloves; keeping our fingers free to create but adding a little warmth. You can find all of gloves here.