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About Us

What we aspire to. is to make well made items, the type of tee you'll wear until it is thread bare, the trousers you'll steal from the laundry basket and the dress that will always feel right. For us, a capsule wardrobe is not a trend, but a lifestyle, Marie Kondo phrased it in the best possible way "discard everything that does not spark joy". Life is too exciting to waste your time feeling confused while staring at your wardrobe every morning, we want you to prepare for your day in a few minutes and start your day feeling confident, comfortable & beautiful. 
Our studio. we enjoy making  our items ourselves; cutting, sewing, knitting; every step of the process receives our full attention. At times, when we are really busy we have the help of a seamstress . In a world of mass manufacturing it's nice to know where and how products are created and we're proud to share this with our customers.
Slow fashion is tied closely to the idea of a capsule wardrobe in that we don't mass manufacture, or create endless collections.  We design and craft pieces that are timeless and are meant to be used & loved every day.
Our story. In our family this is the best compliment you can receive on your work; Cole is my mother's maiden name and where I think the creative gene came from [sorry dad].
My mum Lesley studied pattern making when I was in my first year of Interior design studies in Shenkar College of design - so we spent our first year as students together. We started out by making things for ourselves and then for friends.
We work together in a small studio in the garden listening to music having many coffee breaks. Each collection is designed & developed mutually fusing our style, knowledge & inspiration.
Our motto is "Try before you sell" meaning we try out every item before deciding if it is right for our customer, we never lack volunteers for this part of the process:)